At Loving Dog Care we have many concerns and aspirations regarding service dogs. The first of which is to improve the manner in which one in need may go about acquiring a service dog. For many of America's disabled citizens, this is a need that is out of reach. We are interested in creating a way to provide the disabled with a service dog that will be possible for almost anyone. 

     Another concern of ours is making the the world a better place for service dogs and their handlers, as well as small business people like ourselves. It is in this spirt that we have decided to offer free consultations and staff trainings concerning ADA compliance regarding service dogs for local small businesses. We are hoping to be able to include the experience of service dog handlers who may share their perspective on what it is like to be in public with a service dog.

     At this time we are reaching out to local media to help get the word out, and any local businesses who are interested in a consultation or a staff training for their employees. In addition, we are currently looking for local service dog handlers and trainers who may be interested in being part of our team.

     Please contact Mason Barkhurst at 831 706 0262 or at if you would like more information or have an interest in joining our effort to make the world a better place for service dogs and their handlers. Thanks.