Individual Puppy Training and Socialization Services


               Loving Dog Care is now offering Individual Puppy Training and Socialization Services to the interested owners of young dogs. Our Puppy Development Training includes both Mason working with your pup on a 1 to 1 basis and thorough educational sessions including the whole family or just one member meant to be the dog's handler. Mason will be employing methods learned from teachers such as Michael Ellis and Dr. Ian Dunbar and authors such as Pamela Reid using video, written materials and activities from each one. As you learn how to play games and provide activities based on learning theory and dog behavior which will enrich your puppy's first experiences with everything, your dog can thrive. Only having one shot at the first time with things, the early period in a dog's development is quite valuable and should not become an opportunity missed due to oversight or the old tradition of "waiting until the dog is old enough" to begin with its training. The very early period in a dog's life is certainly a very formative time and should be taken advantage of. At Loving Dog Care it is our intention to see that each puppy's first experiences with the world are all positive for the dog, and teaching the owners of young dogs how to pull this off.

               Mason is committed to teaching the how's and why's of what he is doing with your dog with you so that your dog may enjoy a lifetime of enjoying herself while learning new things and you and your family can understand how your dog learns. Puppy development at Loving Dog Care is more about developing a bond with the handler(s) and fostering a wealth and depth of enthusiasm in your young dog than installing a list of behaviors and sending them home with an invoice. Mason will be preparing you and your dog for further obedience training as it becomes older and a bit more mature. Puppyhood is meant for fun after all is it not? 

               Puppy Development and Socialization may happen anywhere, but the privacy, control and comfort of your own home are paramount and probably are best and free from distraction as well as the dog's environment being familiar to her being an asset. We're after success here and we do it because we love spending time with our dogs. Our Rates vary between $43 for time spent studying with Mason to $123 when Mason is working with your dog.