About Loving Dog Care

     Loving Dog Care provides a safe, secure, fun, family style environment

for your dog while you are away from home. We pride ourselves on our ability

to treat your dog as a member of our family. Our three dogs of various age and size are quick to include new members in their pack. Guest dogs have run of our entire home and our large fenced yard while under our care.

     Your dog will spend her day playing with the other dogs or chasing balls and toys with us. (leaving plenty of time for naps, of course) We walk in our beautiful neighborhood and in nearby parks. Most dogs choose to sleep in one of our many dog beds, but we encourage the use of any special crate or bed from home that your dog may prefer. There are no kennels at Loving Dog Care, however we can accommodate dogs who need to eat or sleep separately. Feeding times are carefully supervised ensuring that everyone gets their own food and only their own food. Shenanigans are kept to a minimum while everyone is eating. 

Steph with the dogs
Auggie and Ladybug

About Mason Barkhurst

     Mason Barkhurst has owned and taken care of dogs his entire adult life. After many years spent working as a carpenter, a series of unfortunate events forced his retirement from the building trades. A dear friend who's dog Mason watched regularly suggested that he pursue dog care on a more professional level. Already interested in training dogs, the move into dog care seemed a natural one.

     Mason is a student at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa learning how to train service dogs. He will soon be helping create a non-profit to help provide service dogs to people who otherwise cannot afford them.

     Mason's work with Loving Dog Care has the authenticity of a man who loves his craft. He approaches each new dog as one would a new friend, enjoying the possibilities. Mason takes each dog's safety very seriously. He is trained in Canine First-Aid and CPR.

     Mason was recently wed to his long time sweetheart Stephanie. Stephanie's compassion and love for all animals has been an inspiration for Mason and is the glue holding the whole operation together.


Mason Barkhurst
Joey and Annie